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Peace of Mind

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that we’ll take care of your dog like it’s one of our very own. Your dog won’t have to make do with anything our own dogs haven’t ‘approved’, from high quality eco-friendly beds to our grain-free foods, healthy treats and a vast collection of toys, which include the iconic Kong Range.

It's their Holiday Too

Just as much as you’d like to enjoy your holiday, your dog should also enjoy its time away with us. Our mantra is that if they are staying with us, then it’s a holiday! Their time with us will be power packed with intriguing daily adventures and endless stimulating fun, so much so that they’ll look forward to coming back.

Live Webcams

Want to keep track of your beloved canine companion? Your dog’s stay with us allows you to quell the development of any potential separation anxiety, with each room equipped with its very own web camera. Check in on your canine’s stay at any time, via the 24/7 web camera facilities available to all family members.

All owners must read and agree to our Our Terms and Conditions. Our GDPR statement is available along with our licensing information.  License holder - Kathy Brindle, License ref number 17/10797/LIC, Date of issue 16th Nov 2017

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