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Whilst they are on holiday, we want your pet to get the best high quality treatment, starting with their room, through to the facilities offered and down to type of food they are given. We believe that a dog that lives in a family setting ought to get the same treatment and attention when on holiday. Each suite has a homely feel, soft piped relaxing music, nice attractive decor, TV and a choice of furnishings that makes the room not only comfortable but also relaxing. To make sure that your pet adjusts easily to the new environment, we encourage owners to bring with them anything that will help to settle them, their favourite toy or some bedding, we have plenty of space.

Our rooms are self contained and designed in such a way to provide an atmosphere free from stress and where noise is minimised, allowing your pet to relax. Temperature within the rooms is regulated to give your pet the best whether it is cold or warm. The glass doors ensure that the rooms are well illuminated, giving your pet natural lighting in the most natural environment as possible. Room doors have also been positioned so that occupants do not see each other.

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