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The hotel has spacious rooms, specifically built for the purpose of giving your pets the comfort they deserve, a place where they can have fun and be encouraged to use all their natural senses. The rooms are designed to give our guests a quiet yet stimulating environment and where they can enjoy the serene atmosphere of the countryside. For those super hotel days we have individual room misting systems and for cold winters we have under floor heating and snuggle furnishings galore. 

We clearly understand that it is not easy leaving your beloved dog(s) behind, so we have provided 24/7 access via webcams fitted to every room (and some exercise areas), this will allow you to see your pet any-time of the day or night.

At Dog and Spoon we guarantee full fun and enjoyment for your pet, at the end of it all, you will be happy that your pet has enjoyed their holiday as much as you have enjoyed yours. At the Dog and Spoon, your pet gets lots of care, love, fun and adventure. After all it’s their holiday too.

We do not discriminate , we cater for all the breeds, ages and sizes, every pet will be served to meet its needs ,right from the cuddles on the sofa , walks in the park, agility sessions or just providing a fun, happy, relaxing grounds of our facility.

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