Fun Times

03rd Mar 2016

Some of our guests having fun over the last 6 months (since opening).

Dog view video tour

05th Sep 2015

We thought we’d let you see how we are coming along with decking out of the hotel with a little video exploring the inside facilities. So, instead of the usual...

We have our license

28th Jul 2015

It’s here, we officially have a license and are open for business, yay. We’ve still got work to do, spas to create, landscaping to be completed etc, but we are...

New Sign

14th Feb 2015

Many thanks to we now have our brand new sign. We’ll be placing this at the entrance to the farm just before we open, so everybody won’t miss our...

We have a phone number

24th Jan 2015

At long last we have been connected to the world, we have a new telephone number (01773) 830932 and internet access. The original order for the phone line went in...

Opening Soon Banner

Opening Soon, First Sign

17th Jan 2015

Today was a good day, the gale force winds are subsiding and it gave us the opportunity to raise our first banner, Opening Soon.