Putting up the new building sign

24th Apr 2015

An early morning start for us today and what a great morning it is, we picked up our new sign from Kaydor signs and attached it to the front of...

Colour schemes

21st Mar 2015

A sneak preview of the colour scheme, we’re almost complete (with a bit of help from our friends), just a few more areas to do and we’ll be done. The individual...

Dedication in a onesie

17th Feb 2015

The works got to be done and Kathy is pulling the late shift in the reception area, dressed in your classic building gear, a Onesie.    

Internal walls are going up

14th Jan 2015

Work has steadily been moving forward, with the roof now on, the internal walls and doors to the rooms have started to appear. The grand corridor is starting to take...

The roof is up

27th Dec 2014

After some disruptions with weather, the main kennel area now has a completed roof, just in time for winter. Lots of hard work from the guys and it’s looking absolutely...

The building begins

08th Sep 2014

After a long wait and some final preparation the builders are on site and the work has began. The foundations are done, the outer wall is just starting and the...

Planning Approved

25th Aug 2014

On the 3rd June 2014 our dream started to take reality when the planning permission for the very special Dog Hotel was approved. Let the building begin!