Spring time fun

Spring is here and playing outdoors is now more fun. In the the secured running area we’ve added some new agility obstacles for that extra level of fun.


When the suns out, we play ball. We’ve just completed the first part of our secure exercise area and we needed a couple of testers.

Paws Trading

We’ve just found an awesome local supplier of doggy products, check them out here at http://www.pawstrading.co.uk/.

Fun Times

Some of our guests having fun over the last 6 months (since opening).

Our First Christmas

Our very first Christmas at the Dog and Spoon, it was such good fun, no snow though unfortunately. But we did have all the decorations up and each guest had their own Santa Stocking.

Husky Owners

We’re now proud to announce the Dog & Spoon have become one of the official sponsors of the www.husky-owners.com, a website dedicated to the well-being of all things Husky. With their international presence, they are a great wealth of resource for all things dog related. They are not just an on-line community either, they have […]

Dog view video tour

We thought we’d let you see how we are coming along with decking out of the hotel with a little video exploring the inside facilities. So, instead of the usual types of videos we thought we’d let Muon, our Siberian Husky take you on the trip.

National Register

In support of the animal care industry, the Animal Care College has launched a number of ‘not for profit’ websites which promote ease of access to animal care professionals. These include the National Register of Dog Trainers and Behaviourists, the National Register of Groomers and the Register of Pet Care Professionals. We’ve added ourselves to […]

We have our license

It’s here, we officially have a license and are open for business, yay. We’ve still got work to do, spas to create, landscaping to be completed etc, but we are open and available for bookings. An open day will be announced shortly and is due in August. Time for another celebration.

Putting up the new building sign

An early morning start for us today and what a great morning it is, we picked up our new sign from Kaydor signs and attached it to the front of the building. Apart from a slightly wobbly scaffolding and curious Swallow birds all went exceptionally well, you can’t miss us now.