It’s all about having fun Wellbeing and happiness Hotel rooms are the future 24/7 Webcams

It’s all about having fun

It’s all about having fun! We guarantee that your dog’s stay will be full of activity and stimulation, whether that’s playing with a Frisbee or using their natural senses to find tasty treats, strategically placed all around the field.

Wellbeing and happiness

Your dog’s wellbeing and happiness is just as important to us as it is to you. We will provide your dog with all the home comforts and ensure all their needs and any special requirements are met to the highest standards.

Hotel rooms are the future

Kennels are a thing of the past and Hotel Rooms are the future. The Dog and Spoon has been specifically-designed from the ground-up, to ensure your dog is kept happy and stress-free, during their stay with us.

24/7 Webcams

Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to look in on your dog 24/7 as we know how hard it is to be away from your beloved family member.

Want to have a peek around, why not have a video tour with Muon our resident husky; Video Tour and check out some of our customer reviews.
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Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that we’ll take care of your dog like it’s one of our very own. Your dog won’t have to make do with anything our own dogs haven’t ‘approved’, from high quality eco-friendly beds to our grain-free foods, healthy treats and a vast collection of toys, which include the iconic Kong Range.


It's their Holiday Too

Just as much as you’d like to enjoy your holiday, your dog should also enjoy its time away with us. Our mantra is that if they are staying with us, then it’s a holiday! Their time with us will be power packed with intriguing daily adventures and endless stimulating fun, so much so that they’ll look forward to coming back.


Live Webcams

Want to keep track of your beloved canine companion? Your dog’s stay with us allows you to quell the development of any potential separation anxiety, with each room equipped with its very own web camera. Check in on your canine’s stay at any time, via the 24/7 web camera facilities available to all family members.


Spring time fun

16th Apr 2017

Spring is here and playing outdoors is now more fun. In the the secured running area we’ve added some new agility obstacles for that extra level of fun.


13th Jun 2016

When the suns out, we play ball. We’ve just completed the first part of our secure exercise area and we needed a couple of testers.

Paws Trading

03rd May 2016

We’ve just found an awesome local supplier of doggy products, check them out here at

Fun Times

03rd Mar 2016

Some of our guests having fun over the last 6 months (since opening).

Our First Christmas

29th Dec 2015

Our very first Christmas at the Dog and Spoon, it was such good fun, no snow though unfortunately. But we did have all the decorations up and each guest had...

Husky Owners

12th Sep 2015

We’re now proud to announce the Dog & Spoon have become one of the official sponsors of the, a website dedicated to the well-being of all things Husky. With...

Dog view video tour

05th Sep 2015

We thought we’d let you see how we are coming along with decking out of the hotel with a little video exploring the inside facilities. So, instead of the usual...

National Register

14th Aug 2015

In support of the animal care industry, the Animal Care College has launched a number of ‘not for profit’ websites which promote ease of access to animal care professionals. These...

We have our license

28th Jul 2015

It’s here, we officially have a license and are open for business, yay. We’ve still got work to do, spas to create, landscaping to be completed etc, but we are...

Putting up the new building sign

24th Apr 2015

An early morning start for us today and what a great morning it is, we picked up our new sign from Kaydor signs and attached it to the front of...